Looking to get in contact with Balor's group

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Looking to get in contact with Balor's group

Сообщение Potjeh » 08 апр 2013, 00:13

Hey, sorry for posting in English, but this is the only way I can think of to get in contact.

Anyway, you guys raided me like a month ago, and you've been pretty nice about it. Last night I got raided by Candy Queen. I figure if I'm going to be raided anyhow, I'd prefer it to be people who just loot and don't destroy pointlessly. And I'm guessing that you might be interested in eliminating competition, because every place they raid is a place they can't raid. They've used fairly high humour characters, and a fair number of them, so there's plenty of scents. If you were to kill them it'd be virtually impossible for them to recover, thanks to the recent purity update. Unfortunately, I can't offer a bounty since I was cleaned out, but you might be able to get from them the 95% salt humus they took from my farm.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Looking to get in contact with Balor's group

Сообщение Федор Сумкин » 08 апр 2013, 07:23

Potjeh писал(а):Hey, sorry for posting in English

No problem.
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